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1 x Signed Hardcover Clare Don't Care book

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1 x Fine art collectors edition print 

2 x Melanie Kilby greeting cards (design may vary from those photographed)

1 x Friendship bracelet kit (makes 2 bracelets).


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Clare Don’t Care looks at what can happen when we bravely step outside people’s expectations and how being a ‘weirdo’ may actually have its rewards.


Clare Don’t Care introduces 4 characters, all linked by their friendship and their blatant disregard for being told how to look, dress and behave. As the story unfolds we are left with the realisation that being a little weird isn’t shameful after all and that our uniqueness is what makes us AWESOME.  


Appropriate for ages 3 – 9.


Themes contained in this book:
Diversity, Acceptance, Resilience, Friendship, Values, Bullying, Peer-pressure, Tolerance, Gender stereotypes, Gender diversity, Gender identity, Weight, Ageism, Male vulnerability



Clare Don't Care Gift Box

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