Once your order is recieved, I'll send you an introductory email and request photos of your subject (as many as you like). From there, we'll agree on a photo or photos of your pets and your portrait/s will be placed in the queue. Usually I will have your portrait/s completed within a 2 week turnaround but I'll notify you in the introductory stage if the wait is likely to be longer.


Collection of the finished portrait is recommended from my studio so then I know it's made it home safe but I'm happy to post it to you.

Order a Black & White Pet Portrait (two pets)

  • If you have a great photo of them together or the photos are taken from similar angles then I can draw them on the same sheet and the finished drawing size is slightly smaller than A3 and the sheet size is approx 70cm x 50cm.

    If your shots are taken from different angles and it would look better to draw them as 2 separate portraits then the finished drawing size of each will be approx A4 and the sheet of blue/grey Artspectrum paper is approx 35cm x 50cm.

    The overall paper sheet size depends on the image of your pet and how much clear space around the drawing looks best.


  • Drawings are wrapped in tissue paper and rolled into mailing tubes at a cost of $12 within Australia and $25 international.