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CLARE DON'T CARE by Melanie Kilby

About the book

A little about the book

Clare Don’t Care looks at what can happen when we bravely step outside people’s expectations and how being a ‘weirdo’ may actually have its rewards. The book introduces 4 characters, all linked by their friendship and their blatant disregard for being told how to look, dress and behave. As the story unfolds we are left with the realisation that being a little weird isn’t shameful after all and that our uniqueness is what makes us awesome.  

I was compelled to write Clare Don’t Care because I believe that childhood is a time when we’re all still gloriously weird. In this book I use the term ‘weird’ intentionally because I hope to reframe it as a title to wear with pride.


There's excitement and joy in diversity and if we prioritise developing great personal qualities over fitting in with the crowd, the world can't help but be a kinder and more interesting place.


free printable colouring in pages

free printable colouring in pages

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