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Picking the best photos of your pet or person is crucial to getting the best drawing in return. I'll always be honest and let you know if I think a certain image won't work but here's a few pointers to help.

1. Does your photo have a lot of detail?

Details really bring the portrait to life. If I can't see it then I have to make it up (not good) or ignore it all together.

2. Is the photo sharp?

A blurry photo means that I can't draw any furry or feathery details. It's not a deal-breaker but it just won't be as awesome as it could be.

3. Does your pet or person look like him/herself in the photo?

A photo that is "SO THEM" is important. If they look super cute in the photo but they don't really look like themselves, then you'll end up with a portrait that doesn't really capture their personality.

4. Is there any lens distortion?

Generally photos with lens distortion can end up leading to strange looking portraits but occasionally it does work (see some of the photos in the gallery above). Email your photos to me and we can discuss it.

5. Are there any weird shadows cast on them or is the photo cropped?

Slightly weird shadows = I can probably work with that.

Really weird shadows = fuhgeddaboutit. Pick a different image.

Cropped limbs/ears/tails etc = hmmm lets chat.

If part of your pet is cropped out of the photo, then I may be able to just not draw that part and choose to draw their head and shoulders. If it's something like an ear tip then I can generally reference the other ear to work it out.


Again... just email me and we can discuss it.

Would you like to commission a portrait of your furry loved one?

Pet portraits make a beautiful gift for a loved one or... hey... just for yourself. I'm always taking commissions so drop me an email if you have questions or you can go ahead and place your order here. There are some TIPS FOR CHOOSING THE RIGHT SOURCE PHOTO OF YOUR PET on this page.


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